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Bootsy's Rubber Band

Review 06/05/98 From: FF Gap

Hi everybody! Bootsy's concert (at E-Werk) in Cologne yesterday was great. German rappers Thomas D. and SMUDO added some extra flavor during 'Ain't No Party' and sang raps during the extra song 'Home Of The Freaks'. Setlist was the same (as 06/04/98) apart from that. Bernie didn't play 'Can You Get To That' during his interlude. Therefor his solo was so spacy and freaky that I couldn't beleive my ears. He added much more sounds during the whole concert than the night before. Bootsy's solo during 'I'd Rather Be With You' was somewhat shorter and he was more hitting the bass than playing it. All in all the concert in Duesseldorf the night before was abit more powerful IMHO. But yesterday was great, too. Oh, I almost forgot: A additional guitar player joined the band during the last half hour of the concert. He wasn't introduced and got no spotlight, I don't know who he was... May The Funk B With U FF Gap

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by Maxim,